Introducing Brudarac’s Launch Blueprint

Launching soon and wanting to make sure you've got all of your bases covered?

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and say hi to an organised yet intuitive 6-step launch planning process.

Designed for soul-led online entrepreneurs, this guide will walk you through my six steps of planning a smooth, successful launch. This is my template any time I'm creating launch project plans for my consulting clients. This comprehensive guide will show you how to plan your launch so that you can scale your business from 5 to 6 figures with ease and integrity.



Heather Doran

I have launched several times. I get hives thinking about "launching" again. My team is going nuts waiting for me to do a launch this year. I just haven't been ready. Within 30 mins of talking with Roxana Ghita i felt SO much better. By the end of our first call I felt the weight of "launching" being lifted. I honestly wondered if Roxana would just tell me I needed to push thru and give me ways I could manage my stress doing the "traditional launch" (i.e. the way everyone else is doing it). Not only does she understand my anxiety about launching, but she supports my feeling by giving me strategy to support those feelings! Not just push thru the same ol' thing that might work, but deep down hate! Roxana has really been a true asset. Thanks love!!

Heather Doran
pam blackman

I just picked up a copy of Roxana's "Launch Blueprint." I have been in the same community with Roxana for over 2 years, and she is definitely the "go-to" person for all things launch related - and this blueprint is so thorough and checks all the boxes to having a successful and effective launch.
What I really love is how she shows how to do a really effective wrap-up. I believe it's a key step in keeping momentum going for future launches, because she leads you in a way that sets things up to make the next one easier, and so likely more profitable.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Roxana for your next launch.

Pam Blackman

Why use my Launch Blueprint:

  • 01-l

    With this plan, you will have all of the information in one place

  • 02-l

    You will remember the smaller details, which often get overlooked, so that you avoid overwhelm and stress

  • 03-l

    Take the guesswork away


You also get my Asana launch plan template.


What Clients Are Saying

"Roxana walked me through a Launch sequence and helped make sense of the process. It was very clear and helpful. The launch roadmap she created has been invaluable to getting my next product & project off the ground. It's a great process and the tools she gives you allow you to simply rinse & repeat for any future product you wish to launch
Roxana was lovely to work with. She delivered what she promised when she promised. It's been incredibly helpful for my business. If you're new to launching, I HIGHLY recommend speaking with Roxana."

Karey Sprancy

"Enrollment for my 7-week, interactive voyage to ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom has officially closed with great success! Next week, we begin the voyage with 23 beautiful souls.
This was the most methodical, planned out, systematized launch I have ever done, thanks to the inspired assistance of my OBM extraordinaire Roxana Ghita (cue music and cherry blossom petals!). I couldn't have done it without her.
If you are thinking about a launch or need help running your business, I highly recommend Roxana. Having an Online Business Manager liberates you to do what you do best.... lead your business!"

Tigrilla Gardenia

"There is so much I can say about Roxana. She listens. She guides. She is patient. Knowledgeable. Honest. Kind. Mostly, she allowed space for me to process, grow and develop as an entrepreneur. I felt truly supported and understood throughout my journey with her. I learned a great deal, not only about process, business, visibility and launching, but about myself. I am grateful for the lessons learned, and for the amazing strategist I now have in my corner. 😊 "


"Roxana was a fantastic help for my launch. She provided a great container, strategy and accountability to help me move forward step by step. It was extremely useful talking through all the decisions and micro-decisions that come with launching. I got a lot of key steps in place with her support  - like lead magnets and email sequencing. Roxana was very available to me and made my launch both manageable and successful. I'm so grateful for all that she offered me during this time."


Hey there! I’m Roxana, Launch Strategist & Coach, and founder of Brudarac Ltd.

This launch blueprint has derived from my experience working as a Certified OBM and managing launches for my clients, as well as consulting and coaching my 1:1 clients on their launches. My clients have made over $35k in one launch. You can have a 5-figure launch too.

Start your launch prep with my 6-step guide and learn exactly what you can do to set up your launch for success way before you release an offer. Remember, it's about what you do BEFORE your registration opens that really makes sales boom!