I'm your atypical online launch strategist. Unlike most of the online entrepreneurs I know, I don’t come from a corporate background. My work experience spans from working in SMEs doing marketing, telephone research, providing care for the elderly to then working in the not-for-profit sector before I get acquainted with the online world of entrepreneurship in 2017. I started off as an Administrative Consultant (fancy word for Virtual Assistant), and 1.5 years later I got certified as an Online Business Manager (OBM) with the Association for Online Business Managers.

It’s the role of OBM that introduced me to launches of online programs and courses. And again, unlike many OBMs who hate launches, I actually found myself to enjoy them and I got good at them. I invested in courses and books that I then applied with my clients. All this led to me pivoting into launch consulting where I get to focus on my zone of genius: strategy!

Through my tailored consulting packages I guide impact creators like yourself to expand your reach and to build a business that is congruent with your personal values.


I believe that the best way to make an impact is by inspiring through personal example. We can have the freedom to travel and buy what we want when we want it without selling our souls. And a profitable and fulfilling business is one of the journeys we can take for our self-discovery and self-realisation.


I understand that when you are in the deep of it all, it feels fuzzy and messy, particularly running a business while raising small humans. 

That's why I made it my mission to work with impact creators like you - so that you can sail through this sea of entrepreneurship with the tools that you need to make your journey as smooth as it can be. As your Intuitive Launch Strategist I will provide you with solutions and be your sounding board along the way.

As one of my clients said to me "You are the foundation of my success! I would have never created everything I have without you."

In my experience, there are two key ingredients to any successful launch:

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    Knowing yourself: get clear on your why, vision, core values and intentions.

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    Knowing your prospect clients: what does your dream buyer need right now? What are their struggles and dreams? How does your program solve their immediate need?

To use these ingredients efficiently, you then need a recipe to walk you through what you need to do at each step. That’s where I come in!

Here’s how it works:

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    When we first start working together, we’re going to go deep into your WHY, your vision, your core values and your goals / intentions.

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    We then meet every 1-2 weeks to help you set your priorities and the action plan. I will give you up to three action items for you to implement straight away that will get you where you want to be faster.

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    You have unlimited access to me via Slack or Voxer between calls.

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    And access to my templates.

To me, business is a spiritual journey. A journey of healing and self-discovery.


I started this business primarily for myself, to be frank. Like most entrepreneurs, I wanted the freedom to work from wherever I wanted so that I could travel any time I wanted.

Little did I know at the time that my business was going to be one of the main pillars on my self-healing path. Every time I’d work with a coach or reach a new threshold in my business I'd discover ‘personal stuff’ that I get to work on in order to make progress in my business. Amazing, isn’t it?!

And since having my daughter...she’s been teaching me even more about business and self-healing. She is my greatest teacher at present!

My interests and values have led me to working with spiritually passionate entrepreneurs like you. I want to help you help more people.

You likely started your own business to show others how to love themselves, to support them in their growth, and remember that they are divine essence. I understand that happiness comes from within and, with so many wounds and traumas that many of us carry, I feel that it is my mission to contribute to and support the healing of humanity alongside you.

When you choose to work with me, you receive everything you need to let go of “Should” and trust that your business is still growing as you focus on what feels authentic to you.

Are you ready?

Book your free 30-minute consultation call with me today and let’s see just how impactful this could be for your business!

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