Experience A Launch That You Actually Enjoy

Download my Launch Blueprint to create a stress-free plan that you can use over and over again.

Experience A Launch That You Actually Enjoy

Download my Launch Blueprint to create a stress-free plan that you can use over and over again.

“Hey, Roxana, I want to …”

About Me

Meet your Launch Guide

Hey Ya!

I’m Roxana, the founder and CEO of Brudarac. I have been an online entrepreneur since 2017 (I started experimenting with the world of entrepreneurship earlier, but that’s a story for another time). I started off as an Administrative Consultant (fancy title for a VA), then became a certified Online Business Manager where I first learned about launches, and then I pivoted into launch consulting & coaching.


I love helping soul-led entrepreneurs achieve their best launches ever. But what I love even more than that is working with them to find a way to launch that feels in integrity and authentic, and it doesn’t make them dread the entire process. My clients have made over $35k in one launch. You can have a 5-figure launch too!

With my help, we will determine what is needed to uplevel your business and develop a strategy that matches your vision, personality, and values.

I am your growth partner for the long run. While your mission is to raise consciousness on the planet, mine is to support you in doing it.


If you’re anything like me,


You want to create a legacy through your work. It is your life purpose to inspire more people and to raise consciousness on the planet.

You have done a great job growing your business to this level and you know that, in order to scale from 5 to 6 figures, you need to serve more people.

The problem is that, in order to serve more people you need to reach more people, and the idea of doing a traditional launch for your 1:1, group program or course, by yourself, makes you sweat even when you think about it.

Growing your business using launches seems like the answer, but you know it’s not as easy as it looks.

Not only is the whole process the opposite of fun and inauthentic for you, but the thought of launching again causes you anxiety. Your first offer was likely met with crickets. Self-doubt creeped up, you got ill during the launch event, your laptop broke, and there was nobody there to support you when discouragement hit.
Because all this launch craziness is soooo overwhelming. It’s so much freaking work that many people take a week off after a launch just to recover. I mean, why would someone want to put themselves through that?
  • Should you have an email only launch?
  • Or maybe do a live launch?
  • What lead magnet should you create?
  • How should you market your offer?
  • Heck, you’re spinning your wheels, and you’ve only just started!

    What if there was another way to launch?


    • Having recurring income that you can count on coming in month after month thanks to a launch plan that you can rinse and repeat.
    • Feeling the "weight" of launching being lifted and you actually enjoying the process.
    • Growing your income without needing to work harder or longer hours.
    • Feeling supported and guided as you work through the doubts and resistance that come up during your launch.
    • Watching your inbox fill with payment notifications from people who are signing up for your course or program without you sitting in front of your laptop praying that someone would buy.
    • Being able to sponsor people and causes because you have the financial means to do so.

    You don't have to fit into any of the “boxes” of structured programs.

    You shouldn’t be doing webinars or email sequences just because some guru said so. Should is not a word that you want in your vocabulary, actually. You get to choose to launch in a certain way because you are the CEO of your business and because that way feels authentic to you.

    And I am here to help you with that. I am a Launch Strategist & Coach that helps you launch your course or program with ease and integrity.

    As your consultant, I will be your launch coach one day, your operations strategist the next, your accountability partner, and so much more. I will be by your side as we identify the right solutions for your business so that you can be the soul-led entrepreneur you set out to be, creating massive impact. Even if this is your first launch!


    What Clients Are Saying

    "Roxana walked me through a Launch sequence and helped make sense of the process. It was very clear and helpful. The launch roadmap she created has been invaluable to getting my next product & project off the ground. It's a great process and the tools she gives you allow you to simply rinse & repeat for any future product you wish to launch
    Roxana was lovely to work with. She delivered what she promised when she promised. It's been incredibly helpful for my business. If you're new to launching, I HIGHLY recommend speaking with Roxana."

    Karey Sprancy

    "Enrollment for my 7-week, interactive voyage to ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom has officially closed with great success! Next week, we begin the voyage with 23 beautiful souls.
    This was the most methodical, planned out, systematized launch I have ever done, thanks to the inspired assistance of my OBM extraordinaire Roxana Ghita (cue music and cherry blossom petals!). I couldn't have done it without her.
    If you are thinking about a launch or need help running your business, I highly recommend Roxana. Having an Online Business Manager liberates you to do what you do best.... lead your business!"

    Tigrilla Gardenia

    "There is so much I can say about Roxana. She listens. She guides. She is patient. Knowledgeable. Honest. Kind. Mostly, she allowed space for me to process, grow and develop as an entrepreneur. I felt truly supported and understood throughout my journey with her. I learned a great deal, not only about process, business, visibility and launching, but about myself. I am grateful for the lessons learned, and for the amazing strategist I now have in my corner. 😊 "


    "Roxana was a fantastic help for my launch. She provided a great container, strategy and accountability to help me move forward step by step. It was extremely useful talking through all the decisions and micro-decisions that come with launching. I got a lot of key steps in place with her support  - like lead magnets and email sequencing. Roxana was very available to me and made my launch both manageable and successful. I'm so grateful for all that she offered me during this time."


    I am committed to helping you have a launch that feels authentic to you.

    Start by downloading my introductory

    Launch Blueprint

    Inside, I’ll show you the exact steps I use with my clients when I guide them with their launch planning.